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MISION: Honoring leaders who impacted people’s lives by celebrating the LatinX·A·O·E LGBTQIAPK+ experience.

VISION: The LatinX·A·O·E LGBTQIAPK+ Community Excellence Awards (LCEA) is presented to exemplary individuals who are role models and outstanding civic citizens in Massachusetts (city of Boston) in particular. The LCEA is also given to local businesses and organizations that go beyond their call of duty to improve the wellbeing of our LatinX·A·O·E LGBTQIAPK+ communities. These awards aim to recognize and celebrate LatinX·A·O·E individuals, members of our LGBTQIAPK+ Community regardless of race, business, plus organizations who have significantly impacted the communities we serve. 


The LDWC wants to shine the spotlight on these outstanding citizens, local businesses/organizations and bring awareness to their tremendous sacrifices and contributions. The LCEA is given to individuals who demonstrate a keen understanding of community needs, find solutions to those needs, lend a hand; moreover, make things better for our communities. These citizens have served, created projects, organizations, institutions, and safe spaces for members of both the LatinX·A·O·E and LGBTQIAPK+ communities. 


Nominees were selected by a panel of community members and the LDWC administration. Each category is about a community leader who has used their position to develop or implement programs that have changed our communities face. The nominees are leaders who have used their work to create and implement programs that have changed our communities' faces and helped people in underserving and marginalized communities’ innumerable ways.

OUR HISTORY:  The idea to recognize LatinX·A·O·E individuals, business owners, and local organizations that serve the LGBTQIAPK+ Community in the State of Massachusetts and the city of Boston was born because of the LatinX·A·O·E Wellness Care Conference that was organized in Boston for the first time in 2019 under our previous name, Call for Action. The LDWC team connected with the City of Boston Office of Neighborhood Services and their representative, Jose Garcia Mota, who has helped us recognize these individuals, business owners, and organizations. Each nominee is presented with a Civil Service Certificate sign by the honorable Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh.

The different categories that we consider are:


· Innovation

· Social Impact

· Community Engagement, Networking, and Collaboration

· Superior Service in Public Health

· Superior Service in HIV Care & Support 

· Creator of Safe Spaces for The LGBTQIAPK + Community 

· Excellence in Community Support

· Excellence in Leadership in Action

· The Backbone of The Office (Hidden Heroes / Administrative Support)

· Civic Service

· Philanthropic & Fundraising Support 

· Contributions to The Arts / Performing Arts 

· Contribution to Local Beauty & Fashion

· Excellence in Film & Photography

· The Best in Night Life Industry

· Superior Support in Case Management, Psychosocial Support, and Linkage to Care

· Best Local Organization for The Latinx/a/o/e Community 

· Latinx/a/o/e and LGBTQIAPK+ Owned Business 

· Transgender Excellence 

· Superior Support in Mental Health Services (Addiction Services)

· Excellence in Training and Education Support

· For Shaping the Path to a New Queer Generation with Freedom of Choice  

· Queer Excellence 

· Non-Profit of The Year

· Contribution Towards Music & Entertainment 

· Superior Service in Health, Wellness, and Holistic Services 

· Legendary Award

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